Q. Where can the public see and/or purchase artworks by Karel Appel?
A. The Foundation does not have a gallery exhibition space. Many of Karel Appel’s works can be seen in museums and galleries worldwide. See also the RELEVANT LINKS and GALLERIES sections of our website.

Q. I think I have an artwork by Karel Appel. Can you authenticate it for me?
A. The Foundation issues certificates of authentication for paintings. For the procedure see the AUTHENTICATIONS section of our website.

Q. Can I bring an artwork in my possession to the offices of the Karel Appel Foundation?
A. The Karel Appel Foundation cannot accept artworks for physical examination.

Q. When will the oeuvre catalogue on Appel’s work be available?
A. The Karel Appel Foundation collects all data regarding the body of work of Karel Appel. It will serve as the source for the oeuvre catalogue which is in preparation, monographs and other publications. The database is continually updated.

Q. Can the Karel Appel Foundation inform me how much a Karel Appel artwork is worth? What are the current selling prices?
A. The Karel Appel Foundation does not appraise Appel’s artworks. If you want a professional appraisal, we suggest that you contact the Appraisals Department of either Christies http://www.christies.com or Sotheby’s Auction Houses. http://www.sothebys.com

Q. Can the Karel Appel Foundation advise me on the conservation of art works?
A. The Karel Appel Foundation does not perform restoration of artworks.

For advise on restoration you can best contact a museum in your country which has work by Karel Appel in its collection. They might be able to refer you to a professional restorer or to help you further with specific information.