The Karel Appel Foundation is a non-profit organization which was formed in Amsterdam on 19 May 1999. The Foundation’s registration number with the Chamber of Commerce is 333.069.26 and its tax registration number is 8083.86.372.

The objects of the Foundation, as defined in its Constitution, are to promote public awareness and knowledge of the artworks by Karel Appel, and to perform any other acts relating or potentially conducive to this in the broadest sense.

To achieve the objects defined in its Constitution, the Foundation focuses in particular on the management, maintenance and care of the artworks by Karel Appel.

The Karel Appel Archives, which are managed by the Foundation, serve as a knowledge base for academic research and as a reference repository for miscellaneous publications about Karel Appel’s work.

The Karel Appel Foundation frequently assists and cooperates in the realization of exhibition projects and publications.

Karel Appel transferred the copyrights to his works to the Karel Appel Foundation, which uses its best efforts to prevent unauthorized use of images of Karel Appel’s works.