ANBI status

Objects of the Foundation

The Karel Appel Foundation is a not-for-profit organization which was formed in Amsterdam on 19 May 1999. The Foundations registration number with the Chamber of Commerce is 333.069.26 and its tax registration number is 8083.86.372.

The Karel Appel Foundation was recognized as a Public Benefit Institution and awarded ANBI status on 1 January 2008.

The objects of the Foundation, as defined in its Constitution, are to promote public awareness and knowledge of the artworks by Karel Appel, and to perform any other acts relating or potentially conducive to this in the broadest sense.

The members of the Foundation’s Board are:

  • F.W. Grosheide
  • F.W. Kaiser
  • G. te Spenke (treasurer)
  • A.W. Verhoef
  • H.R. de Visser (president)
  • G. Wimmer

Remuneration policy

The Foundation’s remuneration policy is in line with market practice and ensures that staff salaries conform to the salary levels that are customary in the museum sector.

The members of the Foundation’s Board receive no remuneration.

Current policy

  • Maintaining and developing contacts with national and international museums, and scholars in relation to twentieth-century art
  • Updating the archives in order to facilitate scholarly research and publications about the work of Karel Appel
  • Supervising restorations of artworks
  • Creating digital facilities to realize a catalogue raisonné of the artist’s work

Summary of activities

In 2016 the Foundation undertook the following activities, in accordance with the provisions in its Constitution:

  • It maintained contacts with museums, galleries, auction houses and academics where appropriate
  • It assisted and cooperated in museum exhibitions at home and abroad
  • It worked on the digitization of visual material from the Karel Appel Archives with the aim of preserving and providing easier access to the material

For details of the Foundation’s financial performance, please refer to the financial statements 2018.

Contact address

Honthorststraat 12
1071 DE Amsterdam